Clubhouse is an drop-in audio messenger which being more popular every day! Increasing Clubhouse Followers is correlated with Income and Personal Branding.
Buying Clubhouse Followers is one of the methods of Increasing Followers and branding in tge Clubhouse.

Clubhosue Services

1,000 [1K]
Clubhouse Followers

134,000 IRT | ~8$

  • Minimum Order: 13,400 | ~0.8$
Buy Follower

5,000 [5K]
Clubhouse Followers

670,000 IRT | ~40$

  • Minimum Order: 13,400 | ~0.8$
Buy Follower

Why you should Buy Clubhouse Followers?

Buying Followers is one of methods that helping you growing your audience in social media. How?
Well, if you have enough followers to absorb peoples attention, that's it! Later on, They will start to listening to you and finally Start Following you!

How to Buy Clubhouse Follower

We provide High Quality Clubhouse Follower at best rate possible! Here are steps you should take before submitting your order on Followdeh:

Step 1) Register in Followdeh

Followdeh Landing Page
Followdeh Registration
First, Open up Followdeh Registration Page and Enter you phone number.
Please enter your phone number in requested format.

Step 2) Adding Funds

How to Add Funds in Followdeh
We accept Cryptocurrency, Payeer and Perfect Money.
If you would like to pay via Cryptocurrency or Perfect Money open up a Ticket before you deposit.
You can also pay via Payeer. Funds added to your account INSTANTLY! to do that go to the Add Funds page and Enter the amount you want to charge.

Step 3) Submitting Order

Now that you charged your account successfully, It's time to Buy Clubhouse Follower!
Click on Buy Clubhouse Follower button, then you'll be redirected to "Submit Order" page.

Buy Clubhouse Followers

After you choose the service, Click on "Buy Follower" button. then you will be redirected to "Submit Order" page.

How to Submit Clubhouse Follower order

What are meanings of fields in Submit Order page

Link: What is your Clubhouse ID?
Quantity: How many followers you want to order?
Total Charge: How much your order costs?
After you filled required fields, Click on "Place Order" button and you will be redirected to Order Logs page. You can track your orders there.  

Step by Step Guid of Placing order on Followdeh

Have you question?

You can always contact to our support team through Tickets or Support Chat

How much it takes until order completed?

We specified our estimated delivery time in service features but we try our best to orders do not exceeds more than 24 hours to deliver.

Does sent Clubhouse Followers has good profile?

Yes, sent followers have profile photo, biography and reasonable name and username.

Does sent followers dropped after a while? What is your drop-rate?

Currently, All our Clubhouse Services has ZERO-DROP RATE.

How much IRT is every USD is?

Exchange Rate of IRT to USD is a bit tricky. You can see exchange rate before redirecting to payment gateway in add funds page.

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